What is a SANDEN heat pump?

There are many different ways of heating your domestic hot water. Most common are the instant gas, solar hot water with a gas or electric booster and conventional electric.

Heat pumps work like split systems utilising the energy in the ambient air. While this sounds inefficient, the SANDEN heat pump is achieving a coefficient of performance (COP) of 5 (1kWh of electricity in 4.5-5kWh of hot water out).

This means the SANDEN heat pump has an efficiency of about 500% in comparison with instant gas which has an efficiency of about 75-85%.

The SANDEN uses on average 2.5-3.0kWh per day verses conventional electric ones using 15-20kWh per day.


Why choose the SANDEN heat pump?

With so  many different heat pumps available on the market, the whisper quiet SANDEN runs at a sound pressure level of 37db - That is less than a fridge! Whereas other brands go up to 60db.

With an average runtime of just 2.5 hours per day compared to others with up to 8 hours.

As you can imagine the SANDEN is not cheap but surprisingly it cost less than a solar hot water system.

Combined with a solar system on your roof you will never again pay for heating your hot water as the energy comes straight from your roof. 

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