It all starts with a discussion over the phone or during an exhibition. With a few details we can perform a first assessment on the feasibility of solar in your situation.

We send an email or letter with a customised quote comparing a few different system sizes and technologies.

We come to you:
Our site visit is free within 50km of the Melbourne CBD and comprises of:

  • Product presentation using SOLON sample panels.
  • On-site assessment of
    • Panel location
    • Shading impact
    • Inverter location
  • Once the 20% deposit has been received, we will arrange the installation date to suit your requirements (usually within 2-4 weeks).
  • Preparation of solar pre-approval paperwork if necessary.


  • Installation starts between 7:00am and 8:30am and takes all day. For system sizes >5kW additional days onsite are usually required. You don’t have to be at home the whole time but access is needed from time to time, plus a power shut down at some point during the installation.
  • A lot of paperwork needs to be signed on the day of the installation and returned to our installer or posted to our office, so we can start organising the certificate of electrical safety (CES).


  • Once the final balance has been received, we will arrange for the inspector to get in touch with you to check the solar installation and supply us with the CES (the inspector is usually on-site within a fortnight after installation). With the approval of the inspector the solar system can be switched on. Enjoy the sun!
  • All paperwork is returned to our office and is processed the moment it is complete. In our email to your retailer we put you in CC so that you have a copy of the full set of paperwork too.
  • A few days later it is recommended that you ring your retailer and check on the progress. The normal procedure is that your retailer will be in touch with you but you might be able to speed up the process by calling them.
  • Once your retailer has received and processed all paperwork, a works order is created to your distributor to reprogram your smart meter.
  • The distributor in your area (e.g. City Power) will then be in touch to re-program your smart meter and sometimes do their own assessment. Some distributors reprogram the smart meter remotely others still need to come around. A fee between $50-$380 is common.
  • The moment the smart meter has been reprogrammed the entire process is complete.
  • On your first power bill please ensure that you can see an extra line stating the power exported into the grid.
  • After 12-18 months we will be in touch to arrange a time for a free maintenance inspection.