STIEBEL ELTRON | 3 Phase Electric Instantaneous Water Heater



Joining TCK Solar’s quest for ultimate energy savings are STIEBEL ELTRONS 3 phase electric instantaneous water heater. They are efficient by design with their point of use design to deliver hot water close to the point of use saving both water and energy. Instantaneous electric water heaters don’t store water so you don’t get the heat losses that occur in traditional storage type hot water systems. Turning the shower on so it is hot when you get in, will become a habit of the past. 

STIEBEL ELTRON offers four different instant water heaters and we have provided short descriptions below. However, TCK Solar will work out the most efficient with your set up for you and can answer any questions about specifics that may arise. 

DHE 18 AU | DHE 27 AU

The DHE AU instant water heaters deliver hot water with precision. Comfort is the number one priority as the DHE AU 18 and DHE 27 AU deliver hot water exactly to the degree. Utilising 4i Technology, the intelligent fully-electronic water heater compensates for fluctuations in pressure and temperature and using its series of sensors it precisely regulates the hot water output. This ensures that you get your requested hot water temperature to the degree.

DEL 18 AU | DEL 27 AU

The DEL AU three-phase 415V electric mains pressure instantaneous hot water systems provide instant hot water up to a maximum of 50°C with the reliability you have come to expect from STIEBEL ELTRON. These instant hot water heaters utilise sophisticated electronic technology to maintain a hot water delivery temperature not exceeding 50°C in accordance with AS3498. This overcomes the need for a separate tempering valve in situations where 50° Celsius hot water is required.

DHB-E 18 AU | DHB-E 27 AU

The DHB-E three-phase electric instant hot water heater offers the comfort settings of an electronically controlled instantaneous water heater. With 3i Technology there are three sensors that actively control the hot water output. This compensates for temperature fluctuations in the water supply delivering a pleasant hot water experience. The DHB-E saves energy by heating water only when required, unlike storage water heaters that are constantly heating and reheating water to maintain the desired temperature.


DHB-E 13 AU | DHB-E 13 SLi

The DHB-E 13 AU three phase electric instant hot water system is electronically controlled to maintain water delivery temperature not exceeding 50º Celsius in accordance with AS3498. The DHB-E 13 SLi three phase electric instantaneous hot water system can deliver hot water up to 60°C. This compact range of instant water heaters have bare wire technology to deliver fast and efficient water heating. In addition, both the DHB-E 13 AU and DHB-E 13 SLi can be used in either hard or soft water areas.